Memory Care

Memory Care in Camarillo

Enriching life and preserving dignity for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

At Aasta Assisted Living, we understand the demands that come with caring for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, requiring memory care in Camarillo. Our facility is designed as a supportive and therapeutic environment for individuals experiencing memory loss and a decline in cognitive ability, and our dedication to providing patient-centered memory care guides our practice.

Unique Plans for Each Resident

Your loved one deserves to have a rich, meaningful day and that will always be our priority. We understand that memory loss affects each person differently. Our memory care experts create unique plans for each resident that focus on individual needs and abilities, preserving their happiness, health, and dignity. Residents continue to follow a whole-brain fitness lifestyle while participating in therapeutic activities overseen by a memory care program coordinator and led by a dedicated enrichment.

Our plans are best suited for

  • Residents who need a carefully monitored, secure environment for safety and security
  • Residents who would benefit from more personalized care and programs

Personalized Memory Care in Camarillo for Each of our Residents

Each resident’s needs, routine, and personal preferences are unique, and so is the memory care that our specialized care team provides them.
You can expect:

  • A full staff of personal care assistants are available 24 hours a day offering responsive support.
  • Medication monitoring, management, and administration.
  • Staff that closely monitors behavior, mood, routine, and cognitive abilities to gain a complete understanding of your loved one’s current state of health.
  • Respectful hands-on assistance with daily activities like eating, incontinence care, bathing, laundry, transportation, and dressing.
  • Large, bright private suites are designed for comfort, safety, and the calming feeling of being at home.
  • Prompt and gentle reminders for your loved one’s daily schedule.
  • Activities designed to support and maintain brain fitness for overall cognitive health.

Our Memory Care Program

Our memory care programs are designed to improve the quality of life for our residents. They may include recreational activities and entertainment; therapeutic programs such as music, pet, and art therapy; and informal social gatherings within the residence or nearby.

Your loved one will have the freedom to roam our inviting, spacious, and home-like facility, which is specially designed with visual cues and artwork to help with navigation and ease the anxiety that is often experienced by those with dementia. Aasta Assisted Living is a secure environment where our resident’s suites are located near community spaces, which encourages easy navigation and social interactions.

The entire staff at Aasta Assisted Living Memory Care is specially trained to understand the challenges and frustrations that a dementia diagnosis brings for individuals and their families. Staff members receive ongoing education to ensure your loved one will benefit from the latest and best practices in memory care.

But at the end of the day, our team loves what they do. And that’s what counts. They are committed to caring for our residents with respect, dignity, and compassion. They strive to minimize frustrations, create opportunities for personal success, encourage positive emotions, and celebrate daily achievements.
By triggering positive memories, finding common connections, and engaging mind, body, and spirit, we make the most of each day for residents and their families.

Located in Camarillo, CA, Aasta Assisted Living, we give older adults who can no longer live on their own the extra care they need – in an environment that feels like home.